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Why I Deserve A Medal for Staying Out of Federal Prison?

Navigating the world without ending up in federal prison is a remarkable feat these days. Have you seen the news lately? The rampant criminal activity is astonishing. Honestly, it's a wonder I haven't been admitted to a mental institution—though I've heard they offer free food, so self-registering might not be the worst idea!

Despite the crazy walking zombies around us, I want to take a moment to celebrate how far we've come. Remember that one night when you did the unthinkable? Yeah, me neither. LOL

But the point is that you should be proud of your resilient attitude and unwavering determination.

When someone tests your patience, just remember: you are too cute to go to jail. And the most important thing to keep in mind? They don't serve alcoholic beverages in federal prison.

So here's to us—the ones who manage to stay out of trouble, keep our sanity, and avoid federal prison. Cheers to our resilience and sense of humor in this crazy world!


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