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TC Blackwell book

The Lies Behind My Eyes

Adult Contemporary Novel

Lies do the most damage when you pretend they don't exist. 

Since Isis was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Now, a respected law student she decides to flee her hometown and family to fulfill her dreams in corporate America. But her fantasy life begins to quickly tarnish when she is faced with an unforgivable betrayal.
Theresa's misfortunes propels her on a journey with no boundaries. She is determined to provide for her son, even if that means doing the unthinkable. When she meets up with an old acquaintance, she is compelled to make a catastrophic decision that will be forever irreversible. They both must come to terms with their choices and realize some paths are broken so new ones can be built.



“Loved the vivid writing and how love can take many turns.”

“The Characters are well written and every chapter there is a cliffhanger.”  

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