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Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t A Man Ever Told Me!?!

Adult Fiction Novel

Men come up with the wildest stories to impress you. Has your husband ever told you a crazy excuse when he came home late? Imagine if you compiled each of these stories into a collection, each one crazier than the last. Think about each time a man has tried to impress you with a cockamamie story, then multiply that!

This laugh-out-loud memoir is for everyone who’s rolled their eyes when a man has chatted them up at a bar or gym.


“I don't know if these stories are real or not but I do know they are FUNNY! I recommend this crazy wild ride. I am glad I stumbled upon this on my search.”


“T.C. Blackwell is a phenomenal author! I LOVE reading this book! The stories are hilarious, but also insightful and vividly detailed! A must read for anyone who enjoys books and loves to laugh!”

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