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I Hate Cupid!!💘

The dating scene is trash. If you are in a healthy loving relationship I hope one of you falls off the bed while cuddling. 🤣

I'm having a terrible time finding a potential date. The amount of frustration is amongst the highest it's ever been. I thought 2024 was supposed to be a good year for me? Janurary is starting off rough. Here are some examples and I warn you now....It's distasteful.

First, there are so many grammar issues with this text and because I am a writer I can't help but notice. 🤦🏾‍♀️

This was the first text from his stupid ass.🙄 What type of introduction is this ladies?

My question??? what does he mean by "Night in Shiny Armor". Does he mean "KNIGHT in Shining Armor"

YOU'RE? oh perhaps he meant YOUR? AWAKES?? OH!!! his dumb ass meant AWAITS

Maybe he needs to shine HIS light inside the educational system and go back to grade school because this is absolutely ridiculous. Yes I am judging him by his unintelligible choice of words.


So against my better judgement I continued the conversation. I just wanted to see if things improved and to my absolute horror it unraveled into a snowball shit storm. 😆

Let's just call him "Northern Unlike" for shits and giggles.

During our second conversation he vented to me about his ex girlfriend busting out his windows in his truck.

Then he continues...

HIM: "No, I didn't call the cops because I know the lady and I am sure it was an accident"

ME: WHAT?? What do you mean you know the lady ?

HIM: The lady is my neighbor. I came home and she knocked on my door and told me she was sorry. She thought it was her boyfriends truck and she was angry at him because he was cheating. 🤯

ME: Let me call you back....I forgot to walk my fish. 🐟 🚶🏾‍♀️

Then I hung up the phone!

My Knight In Shining Armor.... I guess wasn't too shiny after all.

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