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"God" These Men You Put On The Earth Are Full Of SH*T!!!

After getting this text from some idiot I was ready to delete my online profile and vowed Cupid to shoot me now. I was irrational in my thinking:

"did he REALLY mean to text me that"?

"surely he was joking...right"?

"any minute I was going to get a "ha ha just joking" text".

It never came.

BUT! you know what did come?

My anger! This STUPID ASSHOLE! I was clearly upset and my response (screenshot below) is evidence of my disbelief and yet hilarious reply. Of course, I blocked him and then quickly wondered how many frogs I would kiss to fall in love with my Prince?

It was becoming frustrating. The men was only interested in coming to my house for "Netflix and "Chill" what happened to Dinner and a Movie? Bowling? or even a walk around the park?

Am I too old? Do I SOUND old?...oh gosh...I promise I'm not old. (yet)

The dating scene is TRASH! and although I don't miss my ex, I understood at that exact moment why desperate ladies went back to an ex-lover who to be honest? the only reason for going back was the sex and SOME of them,..well? I'll let you use your imagination.

So! this is how my dating journey started! leave a comment if you ever experienced something so CRAZY.

I'm almost confident I will have more stories for your entertainment purposes really soon...SMH

Until then....

stay tuned for the next blog...don't forget to bring the wine!

It's male bashing season! LOL

just kidding!

a little :)

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