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Men come up with the wildest stories to impress you. Has your husband ever told you a crazy excuse when he came home late? Imagine if you compiled each of these stories into a collection, each one crazier than the last. Think about each time a man has tried to impress you with a cockamamie story, then multiply that!


This laugh-out-loud memoir is for everyone who’s rolled their eyes when a man has chatted them up at a bar or gym.


In addition to laughter, T.C. Blackwell offers words of wisdom and relatable insights so you can avoid the losers and parasites.


Have you ever been on a horrible blind date and never thought it could get any worse?


Even… hypothetically?


If so, this book is for you!


Remember to take notes!  


This truly is THE dating “instruction manual”.

Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t A Man Ever Told Me!?!

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