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Past News...

 Guess what friends??  I am officially done with......
 Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t A Man Ever Told Me?!?"
 This is Vol #2 in the Hypothetically Short series.

The book will be released within 6-8 weeks. It is currently going through one final edition. After re-reading it again for the 50th time... (LOL) it will be available to purchase.
As promised, read below for a short synopsis of the first chapter..... 

Chapter 1  Firearm Safety


“What! I can’t go to jail for six months! Are you insane!? I’m too cute! I wouldn’t make it 1 hour in the county jail.” I was in my lawyer's spacious office walking back and forth. “First of all please calm down.”

 He responded with a slight irritation to his voice.

“How can you tell me to calm down after what you just told me?”

 I felt betrayed. I glared at him and pointed my manicured finger at his face.


“Do your  job! If you would do your job I wouldn’t be here with you in this office.” I yelled. He looked at me sternly and removed his glasses and started rubbing his eyes. As if I was the reason behind his stiff neck. “No, actually YOU are the one who shot a gun at a police officer's house” Now it was his turn to point his finger at me.

“Oh my goodness!” 

I yelled.

 “Why does everyone keep saying that?

“It wasn’t even a real gun for crying out loud! And he wasn’t even a real cop!

He was retired!!!

“As if THAT makes it any better?" he snorted. 

“You can agree to do six months of county jail or 2500 hours of community service. Which one are you going to choose? Because, frankly, we are running out of options.”

“No! what we are running out of good lawyers who actually want to do their fucking job!”

I grabbed my purse and stormed out his office and slammed the door behind me. By the time I made it to my car I was surfing the web looking for another lawyer who wanted to do his job. I didn’t have much time left.

Current News...

I am in the middle of relocating and it is very time consuming. The out-of-state move is completely overwhelming but very necessary for my growth as a writer and entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, I am working on Vol #3 in Hypothetically series. "Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t My Kids Have Done?". 

I just started writing this book and I am super excited to share with you the craziest stories. My kids are absolutely insane...  I often wonder where they get it from...LOL 

I am crafting the first chapter and already I am falling in love with the book. This might be very easily my favorite book from the entire series!! Kids are hilarious but MY kids? yeah, totally out of control. LOL But, what fun is life without chaos? LOL LOL 

Future News...

I decided to take a stab at crafting a romance novel. This manuscript is definitely pushing me outside my confront zone. I am so happy I get to use some writing skills to showcase my talents. I am a helpless romantic for sure! 

I will keep you in the loop regarding this process. If you have any ideas, or any characters you want to see evolve let me know! All suggestions are welcome. 

As always....

Thanks for your support! 

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